No Leith Biomass Plant

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Press and blogs on Leith Biomass Proposal

Forth Energy withdraws Biomass Application, as new industrial plans for docks develop Scotsman 10.2.12

Edinburgh Council still undecided about biomass proposal Scotsman 1.2.11

Biomass Stack to be 120 meters high, twice height of Scott Monument Edinburgh Evening News 2.11.10

Are Forth Energy's Exhibitions Consultation or just Spin? Greener Leith Blog 1/11/10

Forth Energy Plans to go on display again, 10-13 November Guardian Edinburgh 1/11/10

Labour MP Gilmore backs opposition to Leith biomass plant  The Scotsman 7/10/10

National Call to Halt Big Biomass  Greener Leith 6/10/10

An Open Letter from Community Groups to the Scottish Government Guardian Edinburgh 6/10/10

Letter Calls for Biomass Check  The Scotsman 6/10/10

Salmond: 80% of electricity to be green within a decade The Scotsman 24/09/10

Activists call for a block on biofuel stations in bid to protect forests The Scotsman 30/08/10

Climate activists protest outside RBS headquarters and at Forth Energy in Leith  Recycle 24/08/10

Day of chaos: timeline of action (scroll down for Leith's events)  The Scotsman 24/08/10

Eco-warriors target RBS as climate protests begin in Edinburgh  The Scotsman 23/08/10

We will not back down, say Biomass developers  The Scotsman 13/08/10

Powering up for energy plant battle The Scotsman 20/07/10

Scottish ministers ‘understand importance of woodfuel’ New Energy Focus 18/07/10
MP opposed to Rosyth biomass plant plan  The Courier 15/07/10

Government is 'split' over Leith biomass plant scheme  The Scotsman 03/07/10

Scots jobs 'at risk' as fears grow over biomass plants' appetite for wood The Scotsman 29/06/10

Woodchip row fuels debate over 'green' credentials of Hunterston power plant The Scotsman 25/06/10

Green energy plant 'not carbon neutral for 40 years The Scotsman 23/06/10

Tide turns against docks plan to branch out into wood power (Biomass)  Herald Scotland 20/06/10

A lorryload of HGV journeys predicted for biomass plant  The Scotsman 15/06/10

MP demands answers on biomass plan Edinburgh Evening News 31/05/10

Somerville seeks rethink on Leith Biomass plant  The Scotsman 26/05/10

Plan ahead with new seminar in light of biomass plant proposals  The Scotsman 17/05/10

Growing opposition to the Leith biomass plant and other news  Guardian Edinburgh 13/05/10

Facebook bid to halt Leith (biomass) energy plant  The Scotsman 11/05/10

Fresh doubts raised over £300m biomass plan for waterfront  The Scotsman 07/05/10

Dundee biomass plant consultation to be held (same process to be used in Leith)  STV News 05/05/10

SNP Biomass plans under attack  Times Online 25/04/10

Biomass plans (Letters)  The Scotsman 14/04/10

Letters: Consider options for power plant before pushing ahead  The Scotsman 10/04/10

'Support' for biomass plant is scorned  The Scotsman 08/04/10

Doubts now cast over Leith biomass plant plans  The Scotsman 08/04/10

Leith groups protest £360m scheme for docks biomass plant  The Scotsman 06/04/10

Opposition to the Leith biomass plant grows  Guardian Online 30/03/10

Leith biomass power struggle  The Scotsman 29/03/10

Activists step up bid to hald biomass power plant  The Scotsman 16/03/10

£360m power station 'will blight revamp of Leith waterfront'  The Scotsman 16/03/10

'Green' biomass plant to ship in its chips from America  The Scotsman 22/02/10

Biomass plant at Leith Docks could power capital  The Scotsman 10/02/10

Leith power station smoke stack would dwarf waterfront skyline  Edinburgh Evening News 12/01/10

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