No Leith Biomass Plant

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National Concerns

  • Emerging research disputes whether burning woody biomass is truly ' renewable' or low carbon. It is unlikely to help Scotland to meet its ambitious CO2 reduction targets by 2020 and will actually increase CO2 emissions in the short term.

      • The horrendous inefficiency of an electricity-only plant: only 30% of what is burned goes into generating electricity - the other 70% is lost into the air and water. Yet Scottish Government policy is for small plants for heat only or combined heat and power. Forth Energy has no concrete plans to distribute heat, and it's hard to 'bolt-on' later.

          • The massive public subsidies (estimated at hundreds of million of £s) that make this venture profitable for the developers could be targeted more effectively elsewhere – including energy conservation measures, hydro, and development of tide, wave, wind and solar energy sources – and in keeping down the cost of electricity to consumers!