No Leith Biomass Plant

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Local concerns

  • Health concerns about toxic emissions from the plant, heightened by its close proximity to local housing and the local climatic conditions, e.g. the 'haar - coastal fog' affecting dispersal of fumes.

      • The enormous scale of the planned industrial construction and its visibility throughout not only Leith but also Edinburgh (a World Heritage Site).

          • The development of such a plant is in direct conflict with the agreed Local Plan for the Docks area, which consists of housing, green spaces and leisure facilities.

              • Heavy lorry traffic, for waste ash disposal and supplying of recycled fuel, leading to increased traffic congestion and pollution.

                  • Threat of noise, odour, vibration and light pollution from unloading ships, running the plant 24/7 and traffic.

                      • It is likely that the plant will be hugely inefficient, only generating electricity (around 32% efficiency) without harnessing the enormous heat normally used to heat nearby homes and businesses in European examples. According to GreenerLeith "there is very little evidence that it is practically likely that the proposed plant will ever be developed as a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant".

                          • The very few permanent jobs generated by this initiative, and the general lack of any demonstrable benefit to the local community.

                              • Uncertainty about the power of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and others to monitor and enforce effective controls.